Who we are and what we do

Justice for Belarus is a non-governmental organisation created to provide access to international justice for the people of Belarus, who are currently suffering severe repressions under the dictatorship regime of Alexander Lukashenka and are deprived of justice in their own country. The organisation is based in the Netherlands and has been registered in the format of stichting, which is a legal form of a non-profit venture in this country. One of its main purposes is to represent the Belarusian people in legal institutions of the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.

Justice for Belarus has been created as an initiative of members of Belarusian diaspora in the Netherlands. Among its founders are also prominent members of the Belarusian opposition, as well as citizens of the European Union. The executive and advisory boards of the organisation are currently being formed.

We are striving to secure independent and transparent investigations of alleged crimes committed against the Belarusian people according to standards of the international criminal law. Among our activities, as defined in the organisation’s statute, are:

  • support for the work of gathering evidence of crimes against humanity and human right violations in Belarus;
  • support for the litigation process and investigation of crimes against humanity and human rights violation in Belarus;
  • support for the work of rendering due compensation for the victims of crimes against humanity and human rights violation in Belarus;
  • carrying out research, awareness raising, advocacy and communication activities related to the situation of democracy and human rights in Belarus.

By “support” we imply securing, through fund-raising and donations, financial means for the specified above work, as well as most kinds of organisational assistance, including training human right defenders. All our financial operations are subjects of complete transparency and reporting in accordance to the strict regulations for non-profit organisations that exist in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Legal Information

Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number: 81042310
Stichting Justice for Belarus
Registered in Delft, The Netherlands

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